Spiritual Coaching

For the novice who is ready. Those wanting to embark on a journey of self discovery and personal development. I will listen to you and your desires as individual to help you grow. Together we create a plan to shift your life in a way that makes sense. We cover basic healing modalities and options available.

And there is SO much information available. It's just not often digestible. We just sometimes don't know where to begin? With modalities such as meditation, crystals, lunar living, energetic boundaries, intuition building, and journaling (to name a few). I'll explain how these things work, what they're for, and help you try them on. We'll work to cover all this information based on what you're looking for. 

Through this coaching experience I offer a whole-picture intake to help guide and support you, wherever you are right now. Through one-on-one zoom or phone calls, an energy healing treatment to clear out any blockages and balance your chakras, and a spiritual reading for guidance from your soul's wisdom and spirit guides to start you on your journey. Clear, prepared, and affirmed.


  • 1 hr Zoom or Phone Call
  • 1 hr Reiki Session
  • Akashic Records (Soul's Wisdom) Reading
  • Action Plan
  • Follow Up Zoom or Phone Call


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