Energy Healing sessions with Alicia are to support you in connecting to your life force energy, so that you can heal easily and effortlessly. To help you return to yourself in balanced state of centeredness and calm. For those who feel they need a "reset button" on your energy systems, if you want to feel more clear and aligned with your highest self, or if you are working on healing a specific physical, mental, or emotional aspect. It is both gentle and powerful at the same time and it can all be done in person in Melrose, MA or virtually.

Intuitive Healing Session

Intuitive Energy Healing can include modalities such as Reiki, Crystal Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, and/or Sound Healing to achieve a state of balance and centeredness. These sessions are tailored to you to ease your nervous system, move past and heal thoughts, feelings, or emotions that might be limiting you. This works on physical, mental, and emotional layers of the aura. 

These energy sessions can be done virtually or at Twelfth House Studio in Melrose, MA. Sessions are  scheduled for 60 minutes for $95 or 90 minutes for $125

Integrated Energy Therapy Session

Integrated Energy Therapy is an effective and gentle healing technique that involves working with Angelic frequencies. IET helps to release negative low-frequency emotions that might be stored in the body while replacing them with positive higher-frequency emotions. (I.e. replace fear with safety, anger with forgiveness, etc). IET is more hands-on modality. 

These energy sessions can be done virtually or at Twelfth House Studio in Melrose, MA. Sessions are  scheduled for 75 minutes for $115

Sound Healing

In this private one-on-one sound bath you will be surrounded in an envelope of beautiful sound waves that will allow you to disengage and go inward. Sound Healing is ultimately a form of Energy Healing and gets through to every cell of the body. A state of balance and deep relaxation is brought about during these sessions as your brain waves are lowered into a meditative state. 

Sound healing sessions are held at Twelfth House Studio in Melrose, MA and are scheduled for 60 minutes for $95

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