The universe led you here for a reason, so I welcome you with open arms and wish you congratulations on embarking on your  journey of self. These sessions are to support you in connecting to your life force energy, so that you can heal easily and effortlessly. My appointments are for those who feel they need a "reset button". If you need to reset your energy systems, if you want to connect more to who you really are, and if you want to feel more clear and aligned with your highest self. It is both gentle and powerful at the same time and it can all be done in person or virtually.

Energy Healing

Alicia uses her intuition to tailor the energy sessions to the needs of each client using a combination of Reiki Energy, Polarity Therapy and Crystal Healing.

These energy sessions can be done in person in Melrose, MA or virtually. Sessions are  scheduled for 1 hour.

Akashic Reading

This type of reading is done by energetically accessing your soul's wisdom to provide you with the answers to some of your biggest (or smallest) questions. These sessions bring you clarity and insight that is exactly what you need to know at this stage of your life. What would you ask your soul if your thinking brain didn't get in the way?

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