Usui Shiki Ryoho Method of Reiki 

Reiki can be a very effective healing art that may promote deep peace and relaxation for you and your clients. Once learned, Reiki can be done on yourself, and all your loved ones, including children and animals. Receiving the Reiki attunements can be a profoundly healing experience.

It creates a deeper sense of peace and calm in life, and also allows for more energy to do what you love in the world. Reiki can create beautiful energy and is a great tool to add to your tool kit whether it is offering it to your clients, or using it for yourself to heal your own energy when you need it.

In this class, we will discuss the history of Reiki, the philosophy of how it works, and you will learn how to do a complete Reiki session. Level Two offers long distance and remote healing training as well as addressing past and future events. All classes come with an energetic attunement that opens up energetic pathways within your energy system, that allow this energy to flow. 

Class Highlights 

10am-5pm w/Included Lunch Break

Training  Manual

Small Class Size for a Calm + Intimate Setting

Personalized Certificate

Education on Reiki Energy

Attunements to Open Up Energy Pathways in your Chakras

21 Day Natural Chakra Clearing Process 

This is for you if you want to/are :

Interested in accessing your innate healing abilities

Deepen your understanding of energy 

Interested in creating a better practitioner/client interaction

Connect to your intuition

Curious about in energy medicine

Want to join a community of like-minded healers

Be able to help your body heal itself 

How I've integrated Reiki into my career:

As a makeup artist I had been having feelings of not supporting women enough in their self confidence. I found myself feeling unsure about my job as a makeup artist! Telling my clients they were beautiful, but under what condition? With a full face of makeup? It's just not the full picture. Reiki was a way for me to support, give back, and heal my clients on a more substantial level. To help bridge the gap between inner and outer beauty. With the permission from the client I 'turn it on' during my applications and we have a peaceful but fun time in makeup.

As a bridal hair stylist I've seen more than my fair share of nervous, anxious and nauseous brides. And often the bridesmaids experience these things more so! So while they're in my chair I will offer a mini reiki session to help them ground and relax. They report feeling calmer, less anxious, nausea-free and ready for the day.

As a microblading technician I am sitting with my clients for over an hour. During that time we get into great conversation that often gives signs of how their doing energetically. I can sense if they're feeling depleted. Together we have the most amazing sessions as I offer reiki during the appointment. We talk and connect on the fact that energy is a very real thing that can help us heal and help us understand how we can help ourselves utilizing it. And I often book a full session for them afterward. 

Join me in person at my studio Twelfth House Studio right outside Boston for an awesome day of learning, energetic attunements, and talks on how to integrate this energy work into your clientele. 

 I'd be honored to have you.

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