Who Is Alicia Dane?

An intuitive makeup artist, energy healer, and instructor, Alicia serves anyone struggling to balance beauty principles with well being. Alicia understands that cultural conditioning can distract us from the radiant beauty of our higher selves. With her help she eases the path to expansive radiance for clients and colleagues by reminding us of the contract to ourselves. Whether providing hair and makeup or energy therapy, or a combination of both, Alicia generously shares her light and spirit.

What Alicia Does:

At the sacrum of inner and outer beauty, Alicia's whole-heart aesthetic energy services and education include: 

Portrait, Commercial, Print, Fashion, and Public Appearance Prep, Private Client

Individual and group classes for hair and makeup education, Coursework, and Instruction

One on one sessions for Energy Work at her studio in Melrose, MA as well as course instruction and events.

What You'll Experience:

Breathing space to explore a deeper connection and sense of purpose within the beauty industry; Belief in your self-worth and the courage to lovingly share your divine healing gifts with your own clients, encouraging creativity and inspiration in their daily lives.








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