Artist Coaching

For the new artist or the stuck artist. Whether you currently only offer makeup or already offer both hair and  makeup. This coaching experience is for those wanting to change their direction or expand their offerings. If you find yourself envying a type of clientele, I want to help you be the hired artist. Together we will hone in on your desires and nail what you really want to help you feel inspired and ready to create and make money!

Speaking from 8 years of working as a hair and makeup artist in Boston, I know the wide range of clients and what types of hair and makeup services they are looking for. Reaching your goals doesn't have to be secretive! And there's room for everyone in the field. While some artists protect their knowledge that is well earned, I'd rather share what I know to ease the journeys of those in the growing industry. 

I know there's no simple google result for 'how to get into bridal hair styling' or 'how to get into print and commercial makeup'. Different types of clients require a different "hand". That makeup application on a model for a campaign is going to be MUCH different than that of a bridesmaid. And theres no need to lose out on a client because you don't do hair. You can learn. So whether it's shifting the style of makeup to meet your dream clientele or learning how to curl hair for a headshot, let's work together to build your skillset and confidence. Whatever stage you are in currently, I will help guide you and offer you steps to gain that confidence you need to start your journey to becoming the type of artist you envision yourself being. 


  • 1 hr Zoom or Phone Call
  • Portfolio Review
  • Reiki session to clear energy field to set new intentions
  • Action Plan
  • Follow up Zoom or Phone Call
  • Potential Assistant Opportunities Available

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