Gain confidence in basic hair skills to get hired on a job, book a client, or save the day for those last minute opportunities that inevitably arise.

I can't tell you how many makeup artists I know who are amazing, talented, and well... not booked. Because they don't do hair. There are makeup artists out there in NYC who don't own a single hairspray that isn't their own personal one and they are having FULL schedules. But the reality is, this is Boston. And a large majority of the clients here like to hire one person to do both hair and makeup. Not hire two separate people. And while it is possible to make a career doing just one service in this industry, I am looking to support the artist that wants to do both but doesn't know where to begin.

I offer two types of trainings depending on your experience. Tailored to YOU either way. Some of the things that we may go over can include:

  • Curling / Types of Curl Patterns
  • Ponytails and Top Knots
  • Hair for Headshots
  • Basic Tools and Products 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • How to talk about hair in your consultation
  • Men's Grooming
  • Athletic Hair Styles
  • Simple Event Styles

Owning a hair kit for this training isn't required but bring what you have. It can be an opportunity for you to try my tried and true products before investing in a kit or restocking yours, so don't worry about going out and buying a bunch of stuff before you come in! Together we will talk about the types of clients you'll be working with so I can help you put together a simple professional kit with products that can feel confident with. 

I want you to book that client as a makeup AND hair artist! 

In-Person Training Sessions 

Beginner 3hr Session $450

(Beginner Sessions are for you if you aren't confident in using hot tools (like curling hair). 

You're a clean slate and unsure where to begin.) 


Intermediate 3hr Session $450

(Intermediate Sessions are for you if you have mild hair experience but not on a photo set. 

You know how to work with hot tools but aren't sure how that can translate into photoshoot styling)


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